Here you will find samples of some of my work over the years and information on my services. Here are some of my specialties:

  • Musicians, bands & special events
  • Commercial, promotional (architecture, food/product photography)
  • Scenic
  • Sports
  • Model & Boudoir, head shots, modelling portfolios
  • Computer manipulation of images
  • Analog and digital photography & videography, post editing

  • Internet & Web publishing, broadcasting, cybercasting, streaming media

Additional documentary and wildlife photography can be found at

Photography for me is a passion more than a vocation. As a result, I'm often willing to perform services for little or no cost if the project interests or challenges me.


I shoot both digital and analog photography as well as videography. However, I prefer to shoot traditional print and slide film. I work mostly in color though I occasionally do black and white (mostly for modelling shots).

My main equipment includes:

  • Nikon D2x, D200, F100, Nikon 8008s, Pentax K1000
  • Various Sony, Minolta and Nikon digital cameras (none of which I'm ultimately happy with so I see no reason to endorse specific models - but I am excited about the evolution of digital photography - it's getting here)
  • Lenses: Nikkor 27-70 f2.8D AFS, 80-200 f2.8D AFS, Tokina 20-35mm, Nikkor 28m f2.8, 50mm f1.4, etc.
  • Video: Canon HX series HD 1080p, Sony CCD-VX3, DCR-PC100, various others..
  • Underwater video equipment capable of shooting broadcast-quality video to depths of 300 feet/100m.
  • Lots of other equipment that I'm not interested in listing (like anybody cares.. hehe)
Other resources: